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Helping Make Information Accessible

According to the CDC, as much as 25% of the population (1 in 4 people) have a disability. In 2018, that would equate to approximately 1,271,000 South Carolinians that live with varying degrees of permanent or temporary vision, hearing, mobility, and/or cognitive impairments. That is enough people to fill the University of South Carolina’s football stadium approximately 15.84 times. In a growing and aging population, this number is only expected to rise.

That said, the internet and other digital technology have significantly leveled the ability playing field. Learning, work, play, and shopping opportunities are available to many more audiences than before due to these innovations. However, even in the digital world, it is possible to twist, neglect, break, and add to the old rules of digital design in such a way that the end products can no longer be used by people with disabilities. This in effect, makes the owners of these products guilty of discrimination. If not addressed, such discrimination can lead to a lawsuit, depending on the product’s intended purpose.

Access South Carolina Information Technology (ASCIT), with support from Able South Carolina, wants to help everyone avoid such discrimination. We are comprised of members with and without disabilities who represent various agencies, fields, and regions of the state. Together, we provide education, resources, and technical assistance in order to create greater opportunities for independence. As part of this, we aim to empower individuals with disabilities and promote inclusive communities.

We are in the process of adding more content and engagement opportunities to our site, but if you are interested in either becoming an ASCIT member or getting more personalized support be sure to tell us through our Contact Us form.